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Posted on November 08 2016

Caring properly your denim pieces is an important step for their natural wear process but also to prolong the life of your jeans.

We all have that favorite pair of jeans, age-old, which we cannot live without! Denim - due to its resilient characteristics – is one of the most durable tissues in the world. Yet it’s essential to treat it with love and care, if we want it to last even longer.


Soak your jeans

This technique inextricably associated with the concept “shrink to fit”- of the golden times of denim - which were mostly relevant for the non-sanforized denim fabrics that would shrink multiple sizes when washed.

But giving your jeans a soak before wear includes many advantages also to sanforized denim fabrics. Nowadays sanforized denim is the most common and will shrink from 1-3% depending on fabric.

Soaking may prolong the life of your jeans by getting a softer fabric, which in turn may prevent crotch blow-outs and butt rips.

*Other advantages are removal of chemical coating and excess indigo, increased fabric density & strength and corrected stitch tension.


When to wash your jeans

The denim just like our skin, ages, and every wrinkle tells a story.

The aging process of denim is quite individual and peculiar, each fabric will age differently, depending on their characteristics and the number of times we use and wash them. The question is: what is the best time to wash your jeans? There is no science, or specific rule to answer this question, but we advise you to wash your jeans only when (extremely) necessary. Washing your jeans excessively - more than 4 times a week - will damage cotton and synthetic fibers, and consequently impair their life.

However, Aly John's jeans are of extreme quality and durability, able to withstand a greater number of washes.

Following the washing instructions is imperative in any situation.


Repair & Warranty

 If the unexpected happens with your Aly John parts, do not worry… Our team guarantees the repair / maintenance of your denim piece. Just contact us, we will be happy to assist you in this process! But if you need to repair your denim piece in record time, ask for some help from experts: tailors and / or professional seamstresses.

Take care of your jeans, with love!

((Just so it will last longer))



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