What makes Aly John´s jeans so special? The perfect harmony between savoir-faire, raw materials and fitting. 
Aly John was born from the dream of creating jeans that will last a lifetime and become a wonderful heritage.



We believe that the value of something comes from the time and work that we dedicate to it. Aly John works with women who have a superpower, the art of sewing. Our artists* dedicate their time and professionalism to make the perfect pair of jeans.


* a.k.a: seamstresses



Our artists sew each piece with love and dedication. They prepare our jeans for longs and specials adventures. Aly John´s jeans have reinforced seams on the sides, scapular, hooks and in between legs. Sheaths stitched on chain stitch* that guarantees the durability of the jeans.




The secret to creating the perfect jeans is choosing the best raw material. So, we choose premium and certified partners to ensure the quality of our pieces. They provide us fabrics with higher strength, durability and finish. The same happens when we choose our sewing threads. Produced by high tenacity polyester fibers. Able to resist and embrace all the seams for years.




Choosing the right denim for each fitting is crucial to make a good pair of jeans. It takes hours of study and several tests to get to the perfect fiting. Yet, to achieve the expected results we need to understand what women looking for in a pair of denim jeans. The answer is: comfort / dressiness and elegance.  For each model, we select the appropriate tissue composition. To provide better dressing and comfort.




The true bet of Aly John is manufacture jeans with selvedge denim (unwashed jeans). Preserving the true roots of denim. This way we will provide an incredible experience and your jeans will fade in the natural way. Assuming, over time, the contoursand wrinkles of the wearer's body.




All Aly John's pieces have an embroidered phrase. The phrases we choose reflect the philosophy, vision and values of the brand. Becoming the amulet for all the adventures.




Custom labels, which conclude the piece in a magic touch… You can offer your Aly John jeans with a special message on.  






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